The CEO’S Ugly Bride Chapter 102

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The CEO’S Ugly Bride

The CEO’S Ugly Bride Novel Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Harassment

In Golden Cauldron Club Leonardo came out of a private room and called Tim.

“How about Summer? Tim said on the other end,
“Donit worry. I’ve run her back.

OK When Leonardo hung up and turned around to go to the bathroom, a waiter

carrying a curry bumped against him.

And the soup was spiit all over his

The waiter was shocked and began to
tremble, Im sorry, I’m sorry…

Although Leonardo was furious, he left

sOon without scolding the water.

As the owner of Golden Cauldron Club, Leonardo had a room here. Before getting married, he used to live in the club when
staying up late to work.

However, it was different after he
married Summer.

In the room, there were his clothes and toiletries.

Leonardo took off his dirty clothes and tried to take one from the wardrobe.

When he saw a navy shirt and reached out, Leonardo felt someone approaching him from behind. He paused and turned around suddenly to squeeze the person’s neck.

“Who are you?

It was a woman as her skin was smooth. Leonardo looked down at the familiar face.

Vicky wore a slip dress and charming makeup. Even though Leonardo squeezed her neck, she remained calm and gave him an alluring look,

“Mr. Douglas, I’ma weak woman. Don’t be so rude to me. I can hardly breathe.., she said coquettishly.

Vicky was good at seducing various
kinds of men.

However, “Douglas” was different from

As soon as Vicky finished speaking.

“Douglas” threw her out of his room. His
face fell, and he said with loathing, “Get
out of here!

Vicky didnt give up and tried to approach him again.

However, she failed and fell to the ground again, as “Douglas” kept a beady eye on her movement.

Leonardo called the security guard, There’s a crazy woman in my room. Come and throw her out.

Then, he closed the door and changed his clothes soon.

When the security guard came, Vicky kept struggling, “He’s my boyfriend. Let go of me!”

Not long after, Leonardo walked out of the room and looked at the guard coldly “What are you doing? Cant you deal with a woman? I’m gonna fire you!

Although the guard didn’t know

Leonardo was his true boss, he was sure that Leonardo had a high social status based on his room in the club. An important guest like Leonardo was qualified to ask the club’s manager to fire him.

Before managing to take Vicky away, the guard bowed to Leonardo, “Sir, I’m sory that she has bothered you

As soon as he was about to leave, Leonardo said, “Take her to the police station and tell the police she harassed me The security guard was shocked.

It was the first time that he had seen a
man claiming to be harassed since he
worked in the club.

Furthermore, the male guest wasserious.Alright.. I understand”Vicky was angry about being insulatedby Leonardo, and she tried to sow discordbetween him and Summer, It is Summerwho told me you are here tonight.

You likeher, but she doesn’t care about you at all..The security guard hurriedly coveredVicky’s mouth and took her awayHearing her words, Leonardo narrowedhis eyes, and his face fell, ‘Summe.

As he returned with a grim expression,Carl asked,

“What happened?Leonardo said in a deep voice, “We’dbetter hire some new employees.It was obvious that Vicky had bribed the

waiter to bump against him and someoneelse to enter his room.

Golden Cauldron Club wascharacterized by client confidentiality.

However, many employees here hadforgotten it. It was time to remind them.

After dinner, Carl noticed that Leonardowas sitting still.

Why didnt he go home? It was not hisstyle recently.

Despite the fact that he wasbusy, he used to leave right after work.

Carl asked in puzzlement, “Why dontyou go home?Leave me alone. Il stay the night here.Leonardo stood up, took his coat from theback of the chair and walked out.

Carl scratched his hair and muttered,

“Do they have a quarrel?Summer went to bed after dinnerHowever, she couldn’t sleep.

Although she had confirmed that Vickydidn’t go to Golden Cauldron Club for thetime being, she kept concerning about”Douglas”,

as he hadn’t come back yet.She tried to hear if there was a car.But she didn’t hear anything untilmidnight.So, “Douglas” was stillin the club.

Summer was upset and tried to call her.However, she hesitated for a while and putdown the phone.She felt guilty about “Douglas”

Summer stayed up late and fell asleep at last.
The next day.

Although Summer didn’t sleep well last night, she was spirited in the morning.

After going downstairs, she asked the bodyguard, “Did Douglas come back last night?

The bodyguard shook his head, “No.

Summer’s heartbeat quickened soon.

On the way to work, she finally got up
the courage to call “Douglas”

Douglas answered ita few seconds later.

“What’s wrong?” he asked in a hoarse voice, as if he had just woken up.

It was strange as he should have got upnow.Nothing.

I called you by accident. Youcan continue to sleep.. Summer hung upin a hurry.

Summer was wondering whether hewas seduced by Vicky or not.

She felt sick and upset when imaginingVicky was beside him now.As for Leonardo, he smiled afterhanging up.

Did she worry about him?He’d better wait for a while beforereassuring her.

Leonardo was in a good mood andcalled the help desk, “Bring me a cup ofhot water.

He caught a cold because of not turning on the heating last night.

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