The CEO’S Ugly Bride Chapter 101

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The CEO’S Ugly Bride Novel

The CEO’S Ugly Bride

The CEO’S Ugly Bride Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Give Me His Phone Number

Vicky was jealous, “Why are you so close with ‘Douglas’? You’ve married Leonardo! No wonder Leonardo doesn’t care about you!”

Vicky’s words were exactly what Summer cared.

Her face fell, “Even if Leonardo doesn’t care about me, I’m his wife. What about you? If the Jarrett Group goes bankrupt, no one will tolerate you anymore.

Vicky’s face turned pale. She pointed at Summer and shouted out, “Shut up!”

Even if Vicky was spoiled, she knew that because of the Jarrett Group, she could live a willful life.

Although the Jarret Group was not a big business in Hoover City, it was reputable for a long history and had strong ties with many other old enterprises of Hoover City.

Since Lynn’s father started the company, he had made a lot of good friends

Despite he had retired and gone abroad for over ten years, his old friends in Hoover City would take care of Lynn sometimes.

Even though the Jarrett Group was not a patch on the Emersons, it could provide Vicky a wealthy life.

Vicky was used to be spendthrift, so she wouldn’t allow it to be bankrupt.

“You’d better think about how to help your father than argue with me.” Summer knew the Jarrett Group would suffer a huge loss, but it was able to survive at last.

So, she intended to scare Vicky.

Vicky was in a bad mood because of having a quarrel with Lynn. When hearing Summer’s words, she was furious, “You mean girl! How dare you scold me?”

However, Summer was not angry. She tilted her head slightly and asked Vicky with a smile, You are my sister, if l am humble, how about you?”

“Summer!” Vicky was not a match of Summer at all, except arrogant and domineering.

Summer couldn’t help sympathizing with Lynn, who had a daughter like Vicky. When Summer was about to leave, Vicky stepped forward and grabbed her arm.

Vicky was in a low-Cut dress and an expensive coat today. Completing the outfit with thin stockings and stilettos, she looked sexy.

However, when a gust of wind came, Summer could see her chest and tell Vicky was cold.

Summer involuntarily wore her coat well. Sometimes, she had to admit Vicky was perseverant

VIcky managed not to lose face in front of Summer. With high heels of eight centimeters, she was a little taller than Summer.

Give me Douglas’s phone number! Vicky raised her chin and ordered in a domineering voice. Summer frowned and was puzzled,


Summer wondered why Vicky would be so shameless to ask her for help right after insulting her.

I want Douglas’s phone number!” Vicky
repeated in an impatient voice, ‘Given that you have had no ability to persuade Leonardo to help us, I have to think of a way on my own!”

Was she going to ask help from

Summer sneered, “Go ask him by yourself.”

What do you mean? I dont mind you refuse to help the Jarrett Group, but you must give me his number! You are a family member of the Jarretts as well

Vicky said in a determined voice. It seemed that she was not guilty of Summer at all.

Summer’s expression changed. But her voice maintained gentle, “Of course, I will

never forget I belong to the Jarretts. Since she was born, all her mistortunes came from the Jarretts.

“How could I forget my surname?

Summer said, “Sister, I can’t tell you his phone number, but I know he frequents Golden Cauldron Club.”

Even though Summer disliked ‘Douglas, she wouldn’t intrude his privacy.

She told Vicky that “Douglas” often went to Golden Cauldron Club, trying to give him a minor problem.

Even if Vicky went to the club, she probably couldn’t meet or seduce him.

That was how Summer revenged on

He was so shameless!

Douglas did not come after work. It was Tim who appeared.

As it began to rain in the evening, it was dark now.

Summer got in the car and sald, “why are you here? Ive told you not to pick me up.”

“It is Mr. Douglas’s instruction. As it is rainy, he is worried about you.”

Recently, Tim was anxious. He was

afraid of making any mistakes when driving Summer home and hence exposing Leonardo’s lie.

Summer was confused, “Are you talking about Douglas?

Did he want to pick her up because of knowing the weather?

“Yes, Tim replied after considering for a

Summer felt guilty of telling Vicky his information, “Where is he?”

“Mr. Douglas goes to Golden Cauldron Club and won’t go home for dinner tonight.

If he wasn’t busy, he would come to pick up Summer on his own.

In an instant, Summer felt nervous. Would he meet Vicky?

When seeing Summer was anxious

through the rear mirror, Tim comforted her, “Don’t worry. Mr. Emerson goes to the club for business and will come back soon.”

Summer was distracted. She nodded and did not notice how Tim addressed

Tim himself was shocked when realizing he made such a mistake.

The villa was empty.

As soon as Summer entered, she subconsciously looked around.

Feeling upset and empty, she went upstairs. After changing her clothes, Summer went to the kitchen to cook.

Both ‘Douglas” and Leonardo were not at home, Summer made dinner for herself.

Failing to prevent herself from feeling guilty, she called Karen to find out where Vicky was.

“Mom, have you eaten dinner?” Summer asked, trying not to be anxious. Karen was surprised, “No, I’m waiting for your father and sister. They are talking in the study”

Just checking. I’m gonna eat. Goodbye. “Summer hung up and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although Karen felt strange, she couldnt help being happy. She thought Summer still cared for her.

Lynn and Vicky went downstairs.

Karen walked over and said, “Let’s have dinner, or it will be cold.”

Vicky cast a glance at her, “No, I’m going out.

Only then did Karen notice that Vicky had changed into a different outfit and worn an exquisite makeup.

“Where are you going? It’s late night… It’s none of your business.” Vicky glanced at Karen. Then, she took outa mirror and was satisfied with herself in it.

She was sure “Douglas” would be attracted by her.

The CEO’S Ugly Bride Novel

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